W3C ORTC CG Meeting 6 – Oct 17 2014

Minutes: w3c-ortc-cg-6

Date & Time: Friday Oct 17 2014 at 8 am (PDT)


Review of spec changes

Outstanding 1.0 issues
– Stats
– IdP
– Synchronize with 1.0
– Datachannel ?

Rename IceListener to IceGatherer

Latching rules definition & added into spec
– Undefined RTP listening behavior – issue 48

Discuss SVC “automatic” configuration scenario vs manual configuration

Call for implementations. Existing reference implementations:
– ORTC Library: ORTC Lib Introduction Slides
– Call for help, there is plenty to do, some examples:
– Browsers: JS Shim work
– Servers: Node.js work eg. SIP to ORTC Gateway

Google progress; Canary 39 Sender/Receiver – JS bindings? When will we see the rest of the ORTC API ?

Microsoft progress; Progress of Modern API? Under Consideration to Under Development?

Discuss options to migrate this work into the W3C WebRTC WG?