The WebRTC 1.0 standard has already started incorporating many of the ORTC objects into the current official standards track.

Currently these objects now exist in both WebRTC and ORTC*:

  • RTCRtpSender
  • RTCRtpReceiver
  • RTCIceTransport
  • RTCDtlsTransport
  • RTCDtmfSender
  • DataChannel
  • RTCSctpTransport


Exclusive ORTC API objects**:

  • RTCIceGatherer
  • RTCRtpListener


Exclusive WebRTC 1.0 objects:

  • RTCPeerConnection
  • RTCRtpTransceiver


As demonstrated above, ORTC and WebRTC are more alike than they are dissimilar. This is good news for the industry as the specifications have made a great effort to converge as well as add a path for developers to choose the level of depth they need from their API set.

This trend is likely to continue in the future as feedback from ORTC implementations are fed into the WebRTC 1.0 API as well as ORTC APIs adopting adapters allowing ORTC implementations to expose a dual stack of the current WebRTC 1.0 and ORTC API.

Another technology that is likely to be explored within the ORTC API is the addition of the QUIC protocol.

* WebRTC 1.0 may have a restricted set of properties and methods.
** some properties may be available even if the object itself is not exposed.