W3C ORTC CG Meeting 3 – May 15 2014


Slides |  IRC Chat Transcript | Video


Agenda: (updated)
– Discussion of changes in the new Editor’s draft
– Summary of open issues (and triage of 1.1/1.2).
– Action items from last time

– IPv6 (api or impl) and metering
– RTCP mux and freezing discussion (IceTransports have an optional Session parameter)

Big topics
– Use cases: agree on 3 main use cases beyond base set
Lossy network/SVC/FEC
Multipoint conference/simulcast/layered
Security cameras – non call scenario(s)

– Difficulties in exchanging params
Filter params
JSL vs new APIs

– What is the endgame for this work?

Action items


Current Editor’s Draft: http://specs.ortc.org/2014/20140514/
Open Issues: https://github.com/openpeer/ortc/issues?state=open