Object RTC (ORTC) is a free, open project that enables mobile endpoints to talk to servers and web browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via native and simple Javascript APIs. The Object RTC components are being optimized to best serve this purpose.

Our mission: To enable rich, high quality, RTC applications to be developed in mobile endpoints and servers via native toolkits, simple Javascript APIs and HTML5. It is also a mandate that Object RTC be compatible with WebRTC.

The Object RTC initiative is a project supported by Hookflash, Microsoft and others. This page is maintained by the Hookflash team.


Mobile Development

Object RTC C++ Wrapper for Mobile:
https://github.com/openpeer/ortc-lib (heavy development in progress)

Server Development

ORTC Node JS Implementation
https://github.com/openpeer/ortc-node (new)


Developers, learn more here: